March Info

KIA Memorial March 

Date: Saturday, August 19, 2017
Time: 1100 Start, Check In Opens at 0800  and closes at 0930 (Come early (8:00am), weigh in avoid lines and visit Vendor Row!)
Location: Chestnut Ridge Park, Orchard Park, NY | 6121 Chestnut Ridge Road


  •  $65 per person February 1 thru August 2
  •  $70 per person August 3 thru August 18
  •  $80 per person the day of KMR
  • *Note - You are not guaranteed a shirt or food/beer if registered after August 10th. Please understand the first 500 registered prior to August 10th are guaranteed shirt/finish line gift/food and beer.  KMR will make an effort to get a KMR10k shirt to those after the 501 mark shortly after the race date.

K.I.A. Memorial Roadmarch (KMR)

Once registered you will join us in a 10km Roadmarch (walk) thru Chestnut Ridge Park.  Each New York State Military member that was Killed in Action has a sign along the entire 10km Route.  All Roadmarchers are timed.  You want to know how long it took if you carry all that food don't you? You and your friends simply walk the route, part of the route or simply hangout and cheer the Roadmarchers on.  You can carry the food or simply donate it after weigh in.  It is totally up to you!  Make sure you check out the Big Ass Trophy and how to win it for the Biggest Team, click the Home button and make the biggest Team!

The KMR Challenge - strictly for those that want to compete!

Open to EVERYONE, just create a 4 person KMR Challenge Squad, come up with a clever name and collectively carry 200 pounds of non-perishable food.  See the Rules Section for more information.

This is where it gets competitive!  You walk the same route but we’ve added five Drill Sergeant Inspired Challenges (four individual, one team). Each KMR Squad Member completes one of the 4 Challenges and receive a special KMR Challenge Swag.  The first squad that completes the 4 individual challenges, the team Challenge and crosses the finish line as a KMR Squad with all four KMR Challenge swag wins the trophy… and bragging rights.

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The Cause

First – and foremost – to honor and remember the men and women of our armed forces who have made the ultimate sacrifice protecting this country.

Second – KMR donates the food that is carried by the Roadmarchers to 3 community food pantries to help Veterans in need:

  • Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 77 Pantry
  •  Gold Star Mothers Pantry
  •  Buffalo State College Milligan's Pantry

Third- Funds raised by KMR are used to support organizations such as the Buffalo Veterans Treatment Court, the Gold Star Mothers and other local programs supporting our Veterans.

General Rules for All Participants

  • All participants must be 18 years of age or older (must have parental consent if under 18, use "contact us" tab above for more info)
    • Exception will be made for JROTC, Sea Cadet or other junior Para-Military group
    • Advisers of such groups please use "Contact us" tab above for more information on their participation
  • All participants must wear footwear
  • Participants will march in one of the following categories and carry the appropriate weight
    • Individual 1 person whatever you can carry we ask that you carry a minimum of 30 lbs.
    • Team  (collectively) whatever your team can carry! Compete for the KMR BAT CUP!
    • KMR Squad 4 people 200lbs collectively- this is a Competition must have 200lbs collectively 


    *if unable to walk or carry or both please register and donate 30lbs (or more if you'd like!) of non-perishable food, KMR Squad Challenge is only exception to this rule.

  • Co-Ed teams are encouraged!

  • Ruck sacks and canned goods / non-perishable foods are provided by the participant

  • All ruck sacks combined should weigh the exact amount for the participants category which helps our cause!
  • If participating as a squad weight may be distributed between all members but total weight should equal the required amount.
  • All ruck sacks will be weighed at the start of the march (So we can tell the total weight of food raised at the end!)
  • Camelbacks will be removed prior to weigh in
  • Those squads participating in the KMR Challenge will also be weighed at the finish line
  • The weight carried will be in the form of canned goods / non-perishable foods
  • KMR Squad Challengers will start the march first. All other participants will start after.
  • Timing device(s) must remain attached to participant at all times
  • No rollerblades, bicycles are allowed
  • Strollers (and small children) are allowed however the stroller must be up for the job, i.e. durable running type stroller with all terrain tires and breaks.  We also ask that you start towards the back and be conscious of other Marchers.
  • CD players, iPods, radios, etc. are allowed only if headphones are attached
  • Whatever items you start march with on your person must remain on your person until you cross the finish line, i.e. iPod, sweatshirt, jacket
  • Removal of signs or other markers along the route is strictly prohibited
  • Refunds will not be given due to inclement weather or cancellations less than 30days prior to KMR date
  • All participants must follow and stay on the designated route
  • All park rules must be followed
  • Ruck sack style carried is up to participant, with the exception of those participating in the KMR Challenge, but must be able to hold designated weight
  • ALL Roadmarchers MUST start on time!  Roadmarchers will not be allowed to start late.
  • Good sportsmanship and camaraderie is expected at all times!

KMR Squad Challengers 

  • Open to everyone, that wants to compete
  • Must be four people in a Squad
  • Individual components of military type clothing may be worn but participants must be easily distinguishable as a KMR Challenge entrant
  • All KMR Squads should have a Squad name
  • KMR Squads representing Military,Police or Firefighters may wear uniforms if authorized, distinctive or custom t-shirts or costumes are encouraged.
  • KMR Squad’s final time will be when the last KMR Squad member crosses the finish line
  • KMR Squad must have all four (4) challenge swag at the finish line or the entire KMR Squad will be disqualified
  • Ruck sack style carried is up to participate but must be able to hold designated weight.
  • All KMR Squad Challengers must cross the finish line. No KMR squad will abandon or leave behind a KMR Squad Challenger
  • Co Ed squads are allowed and encouraged
  • All KMR Squad Challengers must follow and stay on the designated route

ALL KMR Participants

  • Will follow the rules listed under General Rules for All Participants


 If you are unable to carry the amount of weight for your category but still would like to march and honor The Fallen we want you to sign up!  We ask that you register  and consider donating the amount of food for your category.  The only exception would be those squads competing in the KMR Challenge.